Intimidator Fishing Pliers Combo with Floating Lip Grip, Teflon Coated Steel Pliers, Multi-Function Fishing Tools, Freshwater Fishing Gear

  • KEY FEATURES – Great combo - Floating lip grip will not sink - Tungsten carbide line cutters slice through mono, fluorocarbon and braided fishing line with ease – Tough S45 steel construction will never bend or break – Teflon coating – Open split rings to change hooks – Crimp split shot or build leaders – Tune baits
  • Tungsten Carbide Cutters – Super hard tungsten carbide cutters slice though mono, fluorocarbon, or braided fishing line with ease. Side mounted anvil cutters for easy access, cutters on KastKing Intimidator Fishing Pliers allow you to cut your tag end as close to the knot as you desire without any obstructions The raised surface behind the blade ensures your line will always be in the cutting zone.
  • TEFLON CoatED STEEL – KastKing Intimidator steel fishing pliers are made from durable S45 steel with a Teflon coating for added protection. This extremely rigid and durable material resists bending and breaking to ensure long term performance of your fishing gear. This fishing tool is ideal for freshwater environments.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION JAWS – Use the serrated jaws on any fishhook as a fishhook puller or use the split ring nose to quickly change hooks. KastKing Intimidator Fishing Pliers steel jaws also include crimping slots to secure a split shot weight or build a leader. Built-in tuning slots allow you to quickly adjust your baits for the perfect swimming action.
  • FLOATING LIP GRIP – The floating lip grip will not sink if it happens to go overboard, and it is easy to both open and lock the grippers onto your catch with one hand operation. An included adjustable wrist strap assists with landing your fish. These KastKing Intimidator 7” split ring pliers and lip gripper are great fishing tools and are handy fishing accessories to add to your fishing gear.

Best Fishing Tools

Best Fishing Tools Features

· coating resists corrosion and tough steel construction provides unmatched durability and strength.

· Serrated steel jaws firmly grip hooks for easy removal. (All plier models)

· Built in crimping slots are ideal for securing split shot weights or crimping leader sleeves.

· Sure grip PVC handle means these pliers will not slip out of your hands.

· Super sharp tungsten carbide cutters slice trough mono, braid, and fluorocarbon lines with ease.

· Precision cut grooves on the jaws allow for bait tuning to ensure you bait swim straight.

· Includes nylon sheath for pliers

· Lightweight 9" floating lip grip with lanyard for security.

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