Best Ice Fishing Lures For Panfish 2022

  • Drop Water Ice Fishing Jig: Imitate unique ant body shape, the ice fishing lures drop water quickly and reach the strike zone to tempt fish. Simulated life-like swim action, it will create vibration as it swims on the water column and helps fish locate the jig.
  • Attractive Ice Fishing Lures: Coated with high-quality bright paint, and added with realistic 3D eyes, the ice fishing lures will draw more fish attentions and increase hook-up ratios
  • High Strength Sharp Jig Hook: The jig head hooks are made of high-quality stainless steel materical, sharp barbed hook is very secure to aviod fish escape. High Strength carbon hook ensures better penetration.
  • Luminous Effect´╝ÜDesigned with luminous Effect, These ice fishing lures will glow in the dark, work great on dark water and low-light conditions. The luminous finished surface can better arouse visual big predators.
  • Widely Application: The jig head fishing hook is suitable for freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, ice fishing, lake fishing, and more. Perfect for a wide range fishes, such as bluegills, crappies, panfish, perch sunfish, walleyes and pike, etc.

Best Ice Fishing Lures For Panfish 2022

Best Ice Fishing Lures For Panfish 2022

Smaller Size:

Hook Size:#12---Weight:0.9g/0.03oz---Length:14.72mm--Width:5.31mm---Height:5.68mm

Bigger Size:

Hook Size:#10---Weight:1.4g/0.05oz---Length:16.49mm--Width:6.16mm---Height:6.47mm

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