How to String a Fishing Pole?

The steps for threading the fishing rod are as follows: 1: unfold the threading wire of the fishing rod; 2: Pull out the penultimate section of the fishing rod and the rod section before the penultimate section; 3: find out the threading wire coil; 4

What Is Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing is to use a special fly line, fly rod and artificial lure (fly), using a unique swinging technique and the weight of the line itself, to hit the line and bait, and then slowly Recycling line is a fishing method that uses different techniq

How to Tie a Fishing Hook?

Many people like fishing, but many friends dont know how to tie fishing hooks. Today, I will talk with you about how to tie fishing hooks. I hope this experience can help you. 1. Hold the hook in the left hand, and bend the suspension wire into a cir

Best Ice Fishing Rods 2022

fishing rod real life fishing tools Fishing rod is one of the most basic fishing equipment for anglers, and it is also a product that is easily damaged. After all, the price of a more common fishing rod is about 100 yuan, and the frequency of replace