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fishing rod real life fishing tools Fishing rod is one of the most basic fishing equipment for anglers, and it is also a product that is easily damaged. After all, the price of a more common fishing rod is about 100 yuan, and the frequency of replace


fishing rod
real life fishing tools
Fishing rod is one of the most basic fishing equipment for anglers, and it is also a product that is easily damaged. After all, the price of a more common fishing rod is about 100 yuan, and the frequency of replacement of fishing rods by ordinary fishermen is not very fast.
If you can understand the relevant use of common sense, it will reduce many unnecessary losses. Also refers to two different drugs.
Terms and Conditions
1. About the strength of the fishing rod. The main effect of the fishing rod is achieved by the bending radian curve of the fishing rod, so the fishing rod cannot bend a certain section, which is easy to break. Many fishermen are worried that the tip section is too thin and not strong enough when purchasing fishing rods, so they conduct bending experiments on the tip section, which is unscientific. Some fishermen also worry that the strength is not enough. This is not to worry, because the fishing rod needs to be stressed as a whole during the fishing process, not just a certain section . Therefore, to judge the strength of the fishing rod, an overall experiment must be performed. The method can be: one person holds the rear end of the rod body, the other person holds the thinnest end of the rod body, and the person holding the rear end vigorously lifts the rod body upward, constantly or bending the arc. Natural is qualified.
2. Regarding anti-rust and anti-corrosion. Fishing rods will often get wet during use, especially the high salt content of sea water, and many stainless steel accessories will also rust due to material or use problems. After the fishing rod is used, open the thread of the tail piece, wash the sand, salt and other dirt in clean water back and forth, and then use a dry rag to clean the surface moisture, and finally place it in a cool and ventilated environment to dry. Store after drying. If there is dirt that is not clean, please use soapy water, do not use organic solvents such as gasoline, thinner, or a hard brush. Pay special attention to the fact that the fishing rod cannot be placed in a high temperature and airtight place such as the trunk of a car for a long time. All the above work is to prevent the metal fittings from rusting and the surface paint of the rod body from discoloring, blistering and peeling off.
3. The problem of damage to the guide eye of the reduced rod. When many fishermen use the retracted rod, they often hold the handle and shake it hard, throw out the front section and then straighten the guide eye, which is an incorrect operation method. It should be to clamp the handle section of the fishing rod in the armpit, then pull out -1, -2, -3 and other sections in order, and twist the rod section outward with a little force (be careful not to grasp the guide eye to pull out, it should be held rod body), at the same time, the guide eye of the last section of the rod should be aligned in the direction of the guide eye of the previous section. After the whole rod is completely pulled out, check whether all the guide eyes are in a straight line. If there is a skewed guide eye, you can follow the The above method is straightened. When the used fishing rod is retracting the rod section, it can be gradually retracted from the last section to the previous section according to the above steps. Pay special attention to two things: First, the hand holding the previous section should not be close to the guide eye of the latter section. There should be a distance of at least 10CM to prevent squeezing hands; the other is to remember not to use force to hit the back section to prevent the guide eye from being knocked off. In conclusion, there is one trick to remember: both pulling out and retracting require hand-twisting the rod body, not brute force.
4. Other precautions for rock fishing rods. Generally, rock fishing rod guards are dedicated, please be sure to wear the middle core in each guide eye. This has two advantages: First, you can directly tie the fishing line to the center core of the guard when fishing. In the threading hole at the tail, when the protective cap is removed, the main fishing line can be directly passed through all the guide eyes; another advantage is that the guide eyes can be effectively protected. Be careful not to damage the guide eye when removing and installing the protective cap. In addition, the tip guide eye adapter of the rock rod must be able to fit into the next guide eye, because the tip guide eye can break with a slight impact.
Once there are other problems in the process of use, please do not use force or disassemble it without permission.