Best Inshore Fishing Rods 2022

With the continuous improvement of living standards, many fishermen like to pursue sea fishing. Conquering the sea is the purpose of fishermen, but sea fishing is still a relatively expensive fishing sport. At present, it is more popular to


With the continuous improvement of living standards, many fishermen like to pursue sea fishing. Conquering the sea is the purpose of fishermen, but sea fishing is still a relatively expensive fishing sport. At present, it is more popular to go fishing by boat, so how to use a rod for boat fishing? The following is written by Xiaobian to go to sea with the rod experience. (All the photos in this article were taken by the editor when they went to sea. If you need to use them, please contact me to agree).


Classification of boat fishing

For sea boat fishing, there are two forms, inshore fishing and deep sea fishing.

1. Offshore fishing

What we call offshore fishing refers to fishing in the sea area within 2 hours of sailing a boat, the journey is 30-50 nautical miles, and the seawater depth is less than 30 meters. This method is generally called offshore fishing.

Offshore fishing is generally the same day back and forth, with a 12-hour sailing period. It is divided into day water group and night water group. The day water group means that the boat sets off at 6:00 in the morning, and the return journey starts at 6:00 in the afternoon. Night water generally means getting on the boat around 4:00 pm, and starting the return journey around 5:00 am the next day. Of course, you can negotiate with the owner according to your own needs to determine the specific fishing time.

2. Deep sea fishing

Deep-sea fishing is also called far-sea fishing, and the cost is relatively high. Generally speaking, the boat departs at 5:00 in the morning, and the fishing spot can only be reached at around 6:00 p.m. on the same day. The destinations for this kind of deep-sea fishing are mainly near oil wells in the South China Sea, mainly Wenchang Well and so on. The depth of sea water is more than 60 meters, and some can reach more than 120 meters, and the fish caught are relatively large. Due to the relatively long sailing time, a trip generally takes more than 4 days and 3 nights, and a boat has 16 fishing spots. Normally, 16 fishermen go out of the boat, and there are tourists at the same time. There are 23 guest rooms on a boat, and entertainment and training facilities such as karaoke rooms on board are readily available.

Of course, there are also speedboats for deep-sea fishing, with 6 to 8 fishermen as a group. This kind of speedboat is generally a day and a night as a sailing schedule to meet those business people who want to go deep-sea fishing and do not have much time.


boat fishing rod

First of all, whether offshore fishing refers to offshore fishing or deep-sea fishing, a rod is required, so when introducing a rod, deep-sea and offshore fishing are used together, but the offshore can be appropriately reduced. At least 5 sets of rods must be prepared to meet different sea fishing requirements.

1. Sea raft pole

The sea raft rod is mainly used for offshore fishing, and it is used to catch bottom fish. Generally, fishing is carried out in waters with a depth of less than 26 meters in the offshore waters, and the target fish are Shijiugong, grouper, yellow chicken, yellow foot stand, black sea bream, pomfret and so on. We all know that the tail of the raft pole is relatively soft, and the sea raft pole is no exception. However, the sea raft rod must be harder than the freshwater raft rod. If the sea raft rod is too soft, it will be more troublesome for the middle fish to catch the fish, and the probability of hanging on the bottom is higher.

2. Tow rod

The towing rod is mainly hung with mino or bow horn, and the line is 40 to 70 meters. With the help of the slow speed of the boat, the mino or bow horn is dragged to swim in the water, and the mino is used to hit the water depth of 9 to 12 meters. Swimming in the water to attract bites from sea wolves, mackerel, etc.

It should be noted that some imported Minoes will make a sound similar to a fish call when exercising, and the underwater swimming posture is very beautiful, and they do not surface lightly. The domestic brands are not good enough in this regard. They cannot sink at all when trolling, and they often surface and catch fish. For bow horns, different weathers require different colors, and use the reflective effect of the colors to attract fish bites.

3. Release rod

The release rod is to hang live bait such as live shrimp or live small fish when the boat is stopped, put it into the sea water, and use the action of the current to slowly exit the line. The live bait will swim in the sea water, causing other fish Grab the bite. It should be noted that the bait must remain active. It is recommended to use the hanging back method for live shrimp, and the hanging head or tail method for small fish, so that the effect will be better.


4. Slowly shake the iron pole

From my experience in sea fishing, slow rocking iron plate is one of the necessary equipment for sea fishing, whether it is offshore fishing or deep sea fishing. I believe everyone has heard about pumping iron plates, and they will, so I won't go into details.

5. Quick draw iron rod

When fishing in the sea, if you encounter a school of fish, such as a school of tuna, etc., the quick-drawing iron plate plays a very good role. Because when the school of fish comes, there are really many fish, so many you are afraid, but they go quickly. The author has encountered many schools of fish, such as the white pomfret, suddenly the entire sea area is white, and after a few minutes to ten minutes, it swims to other places and disappears on the bottom of the sea.

6. Electric winch iron plate pole

The electric twisted iron rod is used for deep-sea fishing. Its characteristic is that the fishing is relatively deep, and the fish caught are relatively large, and the fish of tens to hundreds of catties can be caught. Electric twisted iron rods are used for deep-sea fishing, where the water depth is more than 60 meters, such as Wenchang Well, 305 Platform and other places.

Of course, there are many models of electric winches, and the electric winches used are also different in different water depths and waters.

7. Leiqiang rod, etc.

The Leiqiang rod is mainly used to pump the surface fish of seawater, that is, when the sea fish swims to a depth of 3 to 5 meters to chase small fish, the Leiqiang rod can be used, which has great advantages.


boat fishing rod

Now, based on the editor's experience of going to sea, I have summed up a set of pole-using experience. There may be mistakes, but it is suitable for most people who go to sea.

1. Offshore fishing rod

For offshore fishing rods, you can bring raft rods, drag rods, drift rods, and slow-rocking iron rods. These four rods can basically meet the needs of offshore fishing. There are several fishing methods such as bottom fishing, trolling, drawing iron and releasing. The corresponding fish species are yellow chicken, grouper, stone dog, Huang Lichang, Liyu, figure skating, sea wolf, mackerel and so on.

2. Deep sea fishing rod

For deep-sea fishing rods, you can bring more than 5 sets of rods, such as release rod, slow rocking iron rod, fast rocking iron rod, electric twisted iron rod, and Leiqiang rod. There are a lot of fish corresponding to deep-sea fishing, which can be said to be the fish in the whole sea area, and the fish caught are also relatively large.


length of fishing rod

Generally speaking, different rods have different lengths, but the boat rod needs to follow the principle that it should be short and not long. Of course, the shorter the better.

Raft fishing: Raft rods, generally 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters in length on the boat.

There are many people who use Leiqiang poles with a length of 2.7 to 3.6 meters.

The deep-sea boat pole is generally about 2 meters in length.

Electric twisted iron plate, the length of 1.5 to 1.8 meters is good.

Lead sinker for boat fishing

Lead sinkers are also a must for boat fishing, both in deep sea and offshore.

When fishing in offshore boats, it is best to prepare 50-150 grams of lead sinkers. Each lead sinker is rounded to 10 grams to adapt to different water flow requirements. If you don't have lead weights of different weights, it will be troublesome when you encounter rapid water flow.

When deep-sea fishing, the prepared plumb sinkers will be larger, 200-500 grams of sinkers are necessary, and sometimes even 1500 grams of lead sinkers will be used.

cost of fishing

Also, to friends who want to go fishing in the sea, the cost of boat fishing should also be considered carefully. After all, sea fishing is much more expensive than freshwater fishing.

Taking Guangdong as an example, the cost of a boat for offshore fishing is 1,500-2,500 yuan, and it can accommodate 4 to 6 people. Specifically, the cost of a person is more than 500 yuan. After all, the loss of fishing hooks, fishing lines, lead sinkers, and the purchase of bait are not small expenses.

The cost of deep-sea fishing is more expensive, and the cost of a boat allocated to an individual is about 10,000 to 12,000 yuan. Even the speedboat for a day and a night costs more than 4,000 yuan per person.

write to the end

Although sea fishing is fun, in Cantonese, it is more expensive, and you have to consider whether you will become seasick, and how serious the seasickness is. This person who goes fishing will have a deep understanding. Moreover, the equipment you buy must be at least 10,000 yuan or more, and if the good equipment is more than tens of thousands of yuan, you should consider your own factors before going out to sea for fishing. Of course, I welcome everyone to experience the fun of sea fishing. Whether it is offshore or deep sea, only by personal experience can you experience the feeling of sea fishing. Its joy and pain will make you remember for a lifetime!


Final suggestion: Environmental protection is the responsibility of every angler! Please take away the garbage around you and create a beautiful fishing environment! If you have a different point of view or the author is wrong, you can correct it in the comment area. I'm a fishing bell, remember to follow me! thanks