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What Is Fly Fishing?

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Fly fishing is to use a special fly line, fly rod and artificial lure (fly), using a unique swinging technique and the weight of the line itself, to hit the line and bait, and then slowly Recycling line is a fishing method that uses different techniques and water conditions to express the activities of artificial bait, and attracts fish to attack and hook.
"Fly fishing", some domestic translations become "fly fishing". In fact, this translation is not very appropriate, only the literal meaning. When you see Fly fishing for the first time, the first thing you will be attracted by is its "flying" charm, the beauty of movement in waving, and the realm of the unity of sky, man, water and fish. Feeling translated into "fly fishing", the imagination space is larger, and it seems more appropriate.
The equipment and techniques of fly fishing are quite different from our usual fishing methods. Compared with other fishing methods, its throwing technique is more difficult. Fly fishing is a very popular fishing method in North America and Europe, but it seems to be rare in China, and introductions about fly fishing are also rare. I've been into fly fishing for a while now, and I've grown fascinated with it. Now let's briefly introduce this fishing method, including four parts: overview, equipment introduction, fly casting technology introduction, and Fly bait production.

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